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Many times the difference between a good wedding and a great wedding is whether or not the ceremony reflects exactly what you want to convey to your guests and family on YOUR special day. Unfortunately, many people only ask "How much do you charge?" At Boise Wedding Officiants, we believe there is a big difference between "price" and "cost." If your ceremony does not go well, the "cost" is an irretrievably lost opportunity for a wonderful lifetime memory. As in most of life, quality may cost a little more.

We offer three levels of service to fit almost any budget. They are: Basic, Standard, and Full Service. We will perform your wedding in almost any location throughout the Treasure Valley area. The primary difference between the service levels is whether or not you need us to conduct your rehearsal and the level of personalization of the ceremony.


This 15 - 20 minute ceremony is for those who are not planning a large wedding. This beautiful ceremony is crafted to include all of the same elements of a larger ceremony, and still emphasizes the romanticism and beauty of the ceremony. If it is just going to be the Bride and Groom, or perhaps just a handful of relatives and friends, this would be the service level for you. There is no rehearsal ahead of time. We will visit on the phone or in person and discuss the basics of the ceremony. Then we will meet at your wedding location, get everyone standing in the right spot, and then perform the service. If you'd like, Dad can still walk you down the aisle. This service is designed to be a small, wonderful ceremony with a few friends and family in a beautiful location.


If you desire to tailor a ceremony and you need our services at your rehearsal, this would be the service level for you. We will visit on the telephone or in person at the time you reserve our services to discuss what you wish included in your ceremony. We will provide a tailored ceremony which may include such "extras" as the Unity Candle of the Blending of the Sands. We will continue to work with you by telephone and email to ensure the ceremony reflects exactly what you wish to convey to your family and friends on this special day.

We will utilize your bridesmaid/groomsmen information to organize and conduct your rehearsal. If you have a wedding consultant, we will work with your consultant to coordinate our service with your DJ and photographer. This service level will provide you with a coordinated rehearsal and a beautiful, personalized, stress free ceremony.


If you are having a large wedding in a very special setting and you desire a very personalized ceremony, this would be the service level for you. We will work with you on a customized, personalized, and tailored ceremony that will share with your friends and family the uniqueness of your relationship. Even if you are from out of the Charleston area, we will spend time in discussion with you and your fiance so we ensure we present the uniqueness of your relationship in the ceremony. We will send you the highly personalized ceremony ahead of time and then work with you to make sure it is exactly what you wish to convey. This type ceremony almost always includes "extras" such as The Unity Candle, The Blending of the Sands, Breaking the Glass, or the Handfasting Ceremony. We will be happy to work with you to find readings if you decide to include them in your ceremony.

If desired, this service level also includes one ninety (90) minute marriage coaching session. This is an optional service and can be accomplished via telephone if travel arrangements preclude a face to face visit. We use the Prepare/Enrich online inventory and you may visit this LINK for more information. Self study materials can also be provided upon request.

After we have agreed on the final ceremony, we will work with you to confirm the details of your ceremony such as lineup, music, and scripture/poem readers. We will also conduct the rehearsal. If you have your own consultant, we will work with your consultant, DJ, and photographer to ensure a seamless and stress free ceremony with wonderful photo opportunities. As a result, your wedding ceremony will be exactly what you want to share with your family and friends on this special day. Our preparation for this type service usually takes 8 to 10 hours of work.

Every couple has a unique story. Let us tell your love story. Our passion is helping couples celebrate their love with a ceremony that they will remember forever. Your ceremony. Your way. Quick and simple or elaborate and unique; we tranform an ordinary wedding ceremony into the extraordinary.

Choose from our team of officiants to perform the perfect ceremony for you. We perform all types of ceremonies for all types of couples. Each ceremony package includes:

  • Planning Meeting

    We learn about your relationship and the type of ceremony you envision and you choose from our team of professional officiants.
  • Ceremony Editing

    Together we find the words & formalities that convey your love and values.
  • Wedding Day

    We arrive early to coordinate your attendants & prepare for the ceremony.
  • File Marriage License

    Complete & sign your marriage license & file it with the county clerk's office.
We can also assist with the Wedding Rehearsal.